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At the Hairy Bikers’ Diet Club it’s not just about a short-term weight loss fix, but all about living a healthy lifestyle for good, and this involves all aspects of life. So we’ve put together a little library of some awesome articles we found really useful, covering health, fitness, nutrition and weight loss to help further your knowledge. And as they say, knowledge is power, so read your way to good health and happiness. Oh, and we’ll be updating this every so often with more topical hot-off-the-press issues, so make sure you check back here regularly.

Lose Weight To Suit Your Shape

Are you an Apple, Pear, Chilli or Hourglass? Where you store excess fat makes a big difference to your health and weight loss. Figure out if you’re a classic ‘Hourglass’ or the much sought-after ‘Chilli Pepper’, as well as the most effective way to lose weight for...
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Jazz Up Your H20

We all know we need to drink two to three litres of water every day, but if you’re struggling to consume this much of the healthy clear stuff, help is at hand. Fruit infusing water bottles are a big trend in the health and fitness world at the moment, plus with all...
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Rocket Your Weight Loss This November

Are you worried about piling on the pounds between now and New Years? As the icy winter rolls in and the Christmas period begins, it might feel inevitable that you'll experience some form of unwanted weight gain. After all, those scrumptious bonfire night treats and...
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Find Time To Train: Create An Exercise Regime You’ll Stick To

Why do some people always seem to have time to work out while others can’t find even 30 minutes? In our fast-paced world, it’s no secret that we’re all more time-poor than ever. And with the clocks going back and darkness descending earlier, it’s even more difficult...
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The Best Foods For Weight Loss

Your mum’s constant refrain to eat your vegetables was based on some pretty solid science. Vegetables are the ultimate weight loss food. High in water, full of fibre, low-GI, satiating, packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, vegetables are a dieter’s best...
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Beat A Bad Mood In 5 Steps

Most of us cope with life’s quotidian stresses most of the time. Occasionally something happens and we feel miserable and down in the dumps. Bad times are unavoidable and feeling low is normal as long as we can bounce back. Healthy habits and the right outlook make...
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Boost your weight loss

If you've hit a bit of a weight loss lull, and are in need of a boost, don't worry. Plateaus are absolutely normal and far more commonplace than we realise. Here are our four top tips that could be just what you need to help kick those scales back into the decline...
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Host A Healthy Dinner

Social dining doesn't need to be off the menu when following a healthy eating plan. Simply invite your friends over and play chef for the evening so you're in control of what you eat, the ingredients used and how it's cooked. Choose one of our delicious recipes, and...
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Healthy Halloween treats

As well as fancy dress and pumpkins, Halloween is encased in chocolates and sweets — not ideal when trying to stick to a healthy eating plan. But if you're throwing the children a Halloween party or getting stock ready for endless trick or treaters, there is a way to...
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Are you a sugar addict?

Do you simply have a sweet tooth? Or are you addicted to sugar, just like a smoker is addicted to nicotine? Nutrition experts continue to argue about whether sugar addiction really exists, yet there’s no doubt that many of us crave sugar and feel unpleasant symptoms...
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Low-Calorie Beers

Whether it's rugby, football, golf or darts, when you kick back and watch your favourite sporting competition on the TV, if you’re anything like Si and Dave, it’s often with a beer in hand. Now obviously this doesn’t really reflect your new healthy lifestyle that the...

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