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At the Hairy Bikers’ Diet Club it’s not just about a short-term weight loss fix, but all about living a healthy lifestyle for good, and this involves all aspects of life. So we’ve put together a little library of some awesome articles we found really useful, covering health, fitness, nutrition and weight loss to help further your knowledge. And as they say, knowledge is power, so read your way to good health and happiness. Oh, and we’ll be updating this every so often with more topical hot-off-the-press issues, so make sure you check back here regularly.

Easy Workouts For Men

Did you know that there's ways you can lose weight all over and strengthen your muscles without needing to step foot inside a gym? That's right! In the comforts of your very own home, you can get fit and healthy. And what's more, it won't cost you even a fraction of...
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Are you a sugar addict?

Do you simply have a sweet tooth? Or are you addicted to sugar, just like a smoker is addicted to nicotine? Nutrition experts continue to argue about whether sugar addiction really exists, yet there’s no doubt that many of us crave sugar and feel unpleasant symptoms...
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Can You Eat Bread On A Diet?

The start of May marks ‘Real Bread Week’, a time when we can revel in the scrumptious goodness of home made, freshly baked bread. Now, we know what you're thinking. Bread isn’t exactly free from calories! In fact, many popular diets out there don't allow it at all....
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Healthy Halloween treats

As well as fancy dress and pumpkins, Halloween is encased in chocolates and sweets — not ideal when trying to stick to a healthy eating plan. But if you're throwing the children a Halloween party or getting stock ready for endless trick or treaters, there is a way to...
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10 Snacks Under 100 Calories For A TV Binge Night

Did you bust your belt during Breaking Bad? Or transform into an actual zombi midway through The Walking Dead? Binge watching box sets is now the coolest thing to do on a Friday night. Who would choose to spend time and energy actually going out when you can cosy up...
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What Can You Eat For 100 Calories

We know all too well that when you’re on a diet, quite often you need a little something to keep you going between meals. But we also know that a seemingly harmless snack can be a real calorie count-buster! Believe us, we learnt the hard way. We thought the health...
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Train To Tunes For Effective Exercise

“Music is a legal drug for athletes,” claims Dr Costas Karagherghis, an expert on the effects of music on exercise performance at Brunel University’s School of Sport and Education in the UK. He could be on to something. In 2009 the winner of the Lakefront Marathon in...
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Mothers Day Fun

This Sunday 6th March is Mother's Day (read on for those who had forgotten as we've got some great gift ideas!). Whether it's your own mum, the mother of your children, or you are the mummy, the gift of health, in our opinion, is the best pressie you could give. So...
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How Feng Shui Can Help Weight Lose

Whether you're beginning your diet from scratch or revisiting it after a break, it's important to prepare your kitchen so that it not only gives you everything you need to make scrumptious meals, but keeps you from digging out the old jammy dodgers when hunger...
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Boost Your Willpower

We are almost a month into the New Year, but is your willpower on its last legs? Lack of willpower is also the most cited reason for not sticking to a healthy eating plan, according to the American Psychological Association. Fortunately, willpower is like a muscle....
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Healthy Halloween Treats

As well as fancy dress and pumpkins, Halloween is encased in chocolates and sweets — not ideal when trying to stick to a healthy eating plan. But if you're throwing the children a Halloween party or getting stock ready for endless trick or treaters, there is a way to...

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Survive The Festive Season

It's that time of year when you let your hair down and your normal routine gives way to festive fun and feasting. Follow our simple tips so you can take part in all the celebrations and stay on track with food and fitness. AIM TO MAINTAIN Celebrations can make it...

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Foods That Fight Fat

Who doesn’t want to lose weight without eating less? It may seem like an impossible dream, but it’s a scientific fact that you can improve your efforts to lose weight by including certain popular foods in your diet. How does it work? MANY PEOPLE WHO STRUGGLE WITH...

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Get The Stamina of a Salmon!

As Virginia Woolf once said, “One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well." And as life long foodies we are very inclined to believe that the path to all hearts is through the stomach! We love a date night, and we're here to share our...

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Feel Happy In Just 5 Days

“Achieving happiness requires nothing more than practising a few simple disciplines each and every day,” believes Dr Tim Sharp. And he should know – he’s from the Happiness Institute. Happy people see the bright side of life, view the glass as half-full and tend to be...

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Eating For A 5km Run

We keep seeing loads of talk about marathon training. While that isn't on the cards for most of us, a 5km run is a great distance to aim for. But don't fret. It's a step-by-step process clocking up to this distance, starting with some walking, then fast walks, then...

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Dress For Your Shape

Buying a new wardrobe for your fitter, leaner body is one of the most satisfying aspects of losing weight. And, if you're not quite at your goal weight, getting dressed up could be just what you need to boost your motivation. Whatever your size and body shape, there...

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