Weight Loss Tips

At the Hairy Bikers’ Diet Club it’s not just about a short-term weight loss fix, but all about living a healthy lifestyle for good, and this involves all aspects of life. So we’ve put together a little library of some awesome articles we found really useful, covering health, fitness, nutrition and weight loss to help further your knowledge. And as they say, knowledge is power, so read your way to good health and happiness. Oh, and we’ll be updating this every so often with more topical hot-off-the-press issues, so make sure you check back here regularly.

Male Weight Loss Focus

Eating more and moving less has led to the average British male weighing over a stone more in 2000 than he did in 1986, reflecting a rising trend in obesity in the UK. This was the conclusion of a study funded by the British Heart Foundation and led by Oxford...
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Boost Your Willpower

We are almost a month into the New Year, but is your willpower on its last legs? Lack of willpower is also the most cited reason for not sticking to a healthy eating plan, according to the American Psychological Association. Fortunately, willpower is like a muscle....
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Give Hulafit A Whirl

Want to lose weight but don't fancy slogging away at the gym? As we look at alternative exercise classes, we've discovered one that will probably rekindle a lot of childhood memories: HulaFit. We caught up with HulaFit instructor Tina Jimenez, to find out more about...
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Train like a tennis pro

WHAT IS IT? Tennis is a game that can be enjoyed with friends on a communal indoor or outdoor court, or even just in the garden or park without any net or markings. But it’s important to have good fitness levels for this physically demanding game. Not only does it...
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Avoid a diet-blowing bank holiday

Bank Holidays are aplenty over the summer months. Epic! But while this may mean an extra day off work, it can also play havoc with your healthy intentions. Meeting up with friends for lunch or a drink, or doing fun things with the children, can cause you to overeat...
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National Obesity Awareness Week

National Obesity Awareness Week runs between 9th and 15th January and is a nationally recognised week that aims to raise awareness of obesity and associated issues. So, let's start with a simple question. Do you know what it means to be obese? What Is Obesity? Obesity...
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Abs And Arms

Toned abs and arms are probably on most peoples' wish list as we start to bare all in swimsuits and short-sleeve tops. But sadly these are two of the most problematic areas for many. Typical, hey? But don't fret. Simply follow our guide to learn the best ways to start...
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Tuck Into A Pizza Without Busting Your Belt

Is there anything better than that first bite into a crispy, flavoursome piece of pizza? Probably not! The combination of crunchy dough, melted mozzarella and juicy toppings is irresistibly good. You'll be pleased to know that when you're a Hairy Dieter, pizza stays...
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Why You Should Try… Barrecorre

With summer now a distant memory, the idea of heading out for a run on a cold, wet night is becoming less appealing. The Hairy Bikers' Diet Club golden rule of exercise is that you need to love doing it. If not, you'll never stick to it. Cue a fun, fast-paced new...
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The Best Foods For Weight Loss

Your mum’s constant refrain to eat your vegetables was based on some pretty solid science. Vegetables are the ultimate weight loss food. High in water, full of fibre, low-GI, satiating, packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, vegetables are a dieter’s best...
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Who Ate All The Pies?

Let's just start by pointing out the obvious. Pies are lush. Their buttery, crunchy crust and tender meat or veg fillings provide the most mouth watering combination of flavours – it's no wonder 75% of Brits eat at least one pie a month. But the sad fact is that many...

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Romantic Meal Ideas

As you can probably tell by the pink and red embellished shop windows and endless supply of gushy television adverts, it’s almost Valentines Day. Whether you mark this occasion by spending quality time with your partner or prefer to celebrate your singleton status by...

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