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At the Hairy Bikers’ Diet Club it’s not just about a short-term weight loss fix, but all about living a healthy lifestyle for good, and this involves all aspects of life. So we’ve put together a little library of some awesome articles we found really useful, covering health, fitness, nutrition and weight loss to help further your knowledge. And as they say, knowledge is power, so read your way to good health and happiness. Oh, and we’ll be updating this every so often with more topical hot-off-the-press issues, so make sure you check back here regularly.

Lose Weight To Suit Your Shape

Are you an Apple, Pear, Chilli or Hourglass? Where you store excess fat makes a big difference to your health and weight loss. Figure out if you’re a classic ‘Hourglass’ or the much sought-after ‘Chilli Pepper’, as well as the most effective way to lose weight for...
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Abs And Arms

Toned abs and arms are probably on most peoples' wish list as we start to bare all in swimsuits and short-sleeve tops. But sadly these are two of the most problematic areas for many. Typical, hey? But don't fret. Simply follow our guide to learn the best ways to start...
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Why Won’t The Weight Budge?

A weight loss plateau is a common dilemma, but don't despair as there are a number of reasons to explain what could be going on. Here's a few, so listen up... MUSCLE WEIGHS MORE THAN FAT First of all it’s important that you don’t get too hung up on the number on the...
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How To Stay Hydrated All Year Round

As the nights draw in, any number of diet-busting temptations are waiting to emerge from the dark offering a quick fix against the cold - but they tend to be packed with the sugar or alcohol. It's a long stretch until springtime, but with countless Christmas dinners,...
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Low-Calorie Beers

Whether it's rugby, football, golf or darts, when you kick back and watch your favourite sporting competition on the TV, if you’re anything like Si and Dave, it’s often with a beer in hand. Now obviously this doesn’t really reflect your new healthy lifestyle that the...
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Bum Deal: Is Yours Holding You Back?

Trying to squeeze into that much loved dress or those hip pair of jeans for the upcoming party season, but you just can't quite get it over your rear? Then listen up... Your glutes (bottom muscles) are the largest in your body, and are key to whole-body firmness. But...
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Why You Should Try… Barrecorre

With summer now a distant memory, the idea of heading out for a run on a cold, wet night is becoming less appealing. The Hairy Bikers' Diet Club golden rule of exercise is that you need to love doing it. If not, you'll never stick to it. Cue a fun, fast-paced new...
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Feel Happy In Just 5 Days

“Achieving happiness requires nothing more than practising a few simple disciplines each and every day,” believes Dr Tim Sharp. And he should know – he’s from the Happiness Institute. Happy people see the bright side of life, view the glass as half-full and tend to be...
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A Bloke’s Guide To Dieting With Confidence

Back in the day, it was ‘unmanly’ to watch what we ate. Us blokes were expected to tuck into giant steak sandwiches, washed down with a pint of lager (let's just take a moment to salivate over that image) and not worry about things like carbs and calories and what the...
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Goals: Set Them And Stick To Them

Whether it’s how much weight to lose, an exercise plan you want to stick to, or something you want to achieve at work, it’s good to have goals. Setting goals will help you plan your future and motivate you in your healthy aspirations. But the sad truth is this: 25% of...
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Exercise For Beginners

We all know exercise is important, right? It’s the one activity that can help prevent illness, improve your mood, alter your body image and even lengthen your life. GPs often say that if exercise was a pill it would be an all round wonder drug. But if it’s so good,...

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National Cholesterol Month

Are you up for an exercise challenge this October? We certainly are! To mark National Cholesterol Month, Heart UK are asking you to run, swim, walk or cycle 100 miles over 31 days to raise money and awareness about high cholesterol and heart health. Being active plays...

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What Is Emotional Eating?

We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t sometimes get down in the dumps. A spat with your spouse, a problem at work or simply watching a sad film can evoke all sorts of emotions, from stress and anger to depression and anxiety. But what do these emotions mean for your...

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