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At the Hairy Bikers’ Diet Club it’s not just about a short-term weight loss fix, but all about living a healthy lifestyle for good, and this involves all aspects of life. So we’ve put together a little library of some awesome articles we found really useful, covering health, fitness, nutrition and weight loss to help further your knowledge. And as they say, knowledge is power, so read your way to good health and happiness. Oh, and we’ll be updating this every so often with more topical hot-off-the-press issues, so make sure you check back here regularly.

Why You Should Try… Yoga

This year yoga has hit the mainstream. Fashionable high street clothing brands are stocking shiny yoga mats and green juices seem to be the talk of the town. But behind this trendy yoga hype, what are the benefits? Scottish yoga instructor Laura McCrimmon reveals the...
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Pokemon Go: Get active with apps

So, it’s been reported that the new Pokemon Go craze sweeping the nation has actually led people to be more active. Ordinarily, technology decreases activity and exacerbates our growing sedentary lifestyle. However, this new app, only launched since July this year,...
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Bum Deal: Is Yours Holding You Back?

Trying to squeeze into that much loved dress or those hip pair of jeans for the upcoming party season, but you just can't quite get it over your rear? Then listen up... Your glutes (bottom muscles) are the largest in your body, and are key to whole-body firmness. But...
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Quit Smoking And Still Lose Weight

You finish your last cigarette and in 20 minutes time your blood pressure and pulse return to normal. Just 48 hours later, there’s no nicotine left in your body. Between 2 and 12 weeks after that, your circulation improves. Fast forward 5 years, and your risk of...
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90 Day Timber Shed Intensive

We’ve been working on something special here at Hairy Bikers Diet Club. It’s super-timely, one of the best things we’ve ever done and we reckon it’s going to cause quite a storm. If you join you will, lose inches right places, be in the best mood ever, have more...
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Top Tips For Riding Your Bike Safely

One of the amazing things about living in Britain is that there is always something to celebrate. We love this one so much we want you to 'get on yer bikes!' Oh yes - National Bike Week is from 10-18 June. So what's it all about? Well, National Bike Week’s aim is to...
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Cook the perfect eggs

Packed full of protein, eggs are an important part of a healthy diet. The humble egg is extremely versatile, so you can make endless amounts of dishes with them. You can enjoy them for breakfast with an egg-white omelette with grilled tomato salad, or scrambled eggs...
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Why You Should Try… Barrecorre

With summer now a distant memory, the idea of heading out for a run on a cold, wet night is becoming less appealing. The Hairy Bikers' Diet Club golden rule of exercise is that you need to love doing it. If not, you'll never stick to it. Cue a fun, fast-paced new...
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What Can You Eat For 100 Calories

We know all too well that when you’re on a diet, quite often you need a little something to keep you going between meals. But we also know that a seemingly harmless snack can be a real calorie count-buster! Believe us, we learnt the hard way. We thought the health...
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Ignite Your Motivation

Whether it’s the annual New Year’s resolution or another ‘I mean it this time’ blitz, there are times when motivation is on fire. Plans are made, resolves hardened and self-congratulations anticipated. But then … spirits start to wane. It’s a slog maintaining that...
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Menopause and Weight Loss

Menopause is an inevitable life change that all women, at varying stages, will need to go through. For some, it’s not a big deal. For others, it can trigger all sorts of unwanted symptoms – one of which is weight fluctuations or a difficulty shifting timber. While we...

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Lose Weight With Green Tea

You may have heard a rumour that green tea can help you to lose weight, but aren’t sure whether to believe it or not. After all, there’s plenty of fads out there disguised as facts, and very few of them are able to back up their claims. In recent years there’s been...

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Dress To Stand Out!

Do you pull the same tired outfit from your wardrobe each day because you don't feel confident in most of your other clothes? Perhaps you put on weight quite rapidly, and the majority of your outfits no longer fit? Or maybe you're simply unaware of how to dress for...

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Story About Fats

A lot of us want to eat healthier these days, but sometimes it’s hard to know how. Exclude all carbs? Cut back on sugar? Only eat cabbage soup? There’s a lot of confusing diet advice out there and not all of it is based on good quality scientific research. Luckily for...

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