The before photo was taken in September 2014 in Morocco. I was 13st 5lbs and it was very difficult to find “before” photos of me as I hated my photo being taken because I knew that I was overweight and felt uncomfortable seeing the photos of myself. The after photo was taken in October 2015 at the gym I joined in January, FitRepublik in Dubai and I’m now 9st 4lbs! The 3rd photo is explained below.

Next June, I will be 50 and I knew at the end of 2014 that I did not want to reach 50 and be overweight and unfit. The only person, who could really do anything about it was me but I did need some support. Hence, I joined the Hairy Bikers’ Diet Club to make sure my food intake was being monitored and would be super healthy and, to sort out the fitness, I joined FitRepublik a brand new facility, which opened in January – very convenient for me. I signed up with a personal trainer, who I still see twice a week and I also started yoga and aqua fitness, as there was little else I could do without dropping flat out on the floor! By March, I had lost quite a bit of weight and my fitness levels had increased tremendously. The gym were so impressed they took my photo and used it in an advert for the gym in OK! Middle East Magazine and Women’s Health Magazine. I then proceeded to join other classes at the gym including Circuit Training, Swing Yoga, TRX, Step, Kickboxercise and Body Attack.

I have all 3 Hairy Dieters cook books and mention then to people on a regular basis. So many people think that I only eat lettuce leaves with the weight I have lost, they are shocked when I tell them how much I do eat and that I haven’t cut out any food groups at all. Many other gym members have since bought the books by ordering them online or asking friends to bring them here when they visit!

With the help of the Hairy Bikers’ Diet Club and the fantastic support of the FitRepublik team, I feel so much younger,  happier, more energised and ready to face hitting the BIG 50 next June, when I will be even fitter and healthier than I am now.

As I’ve said to many people now, it hasn’t all been super easy. There have been days when I have ached from pulled muscles or have felt the need to “cheat” on the food intake, but if I do slip up I reset the next day and constantly remind myself of my mission to be fit and healthy for 50.

A big thank you to the Hairy Bikers’ Diet Club and the Hairy Dieters books!


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