Martin from Essex has lost over 9 stone* since starting the Hairy Bikers Diet back in 2013, taking him down from a size XXXL to a Medium/Large. Read his weight loss story…

Here’s how he did it:

“I joined the Hairy Bikers Diet Club as part of a ‘Buddy up’ special offer back in 2013. After spending my entire life trying and failing with numerous diets, my daughter pointed the Hairy Bikers Diet Club out to me and we signed up together. We had experienced a bereavement in our family at the time – my mother sadly passed away from a weight related condition which really impacted us. Furthermore, I had been advised by my doctor that I’d needed to lose 4 stone or risk having knee replacement surgery. I really didn’t want to continue as I was, and so made the decision to take some responsibility for my health.

When I joined the Hairy Bikers Diet Club, I surprised myself by shifting at least 2 stone in 3 months. Motivated by the improvements I experienced from the outset, I continued with the diet and am now 9 stone lighter than I was when I began. My wife actually weighs less than the amount of excess weight I was lugging around – I’ve basically shifted the weight-equivalent of an entire person!

The health benefits have been overwhelming. Before the diet, I would get out of breath walking up a flight of stairs. Now I can go out running! Not only that, I have more freedom in what I wear. Before the diet, I had to buy my clothes in the Big and Tall Man’s Shop which was not only expensive but limited too. Now I can wear high street clothes and feel more confident about how I look.

It’s clear to me that The Hairy Bikers Diet Club is a lifestyle change rather than a diet. My whole family love the recipes, and I have found a new passion for cooking since signing up. Our favourite recipe is definitely the all in one pork and rice.

I still have another 10lbs to lose, but I’m confident I can achieve it.

Martin’s tips:

Losing weight isn’t anything to worry about. The important thing is to own the fact that you need to lose weight and take responsibility for your eating and exercise. I found that using the Hairy Bikers Diet Club diary helped me to remain honest with myself. Funnily enough, I don’t believe in willpower as such. Instead, I think what’s needed is patience, perseverance and realistic expectations.



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