We live in a world where, on a daily basis, we are exposed to images of slim instagrammers, beauty vloggers and endless contradictory health advice. But how do you know who to trust? Which information is correct? In the decade of DIY dieting, can you really go it alone and get the best results?

Being overweight is no joke. According to government research, by 2050, 60% of men, 50% of women and 25% of children in Britain will suffer with obesity. With this in mind, it’s important to take weight loss seriously and only entertain lifestyle changes that actually work.

That’s why we want to talk to you about diet clubs. Diet clubs are a proven way to shift timber and keep it off for the long haul. Here’s five amazing benefits to joining a diet club that you’re unlikely to be able to enjoy if you go it alone.

  1. Diet Clubs Yield Better Results Than A DIY Diet

Being part of a network of dieters and following a structured, scientifically sound weight loss programme produces better weight loss results than going it alone. That is according to researchers at the University Of Birmingham, who conducted a large scale study involving 740 patients. Those who joined a commercial weight loss program lost up to three times more weight than those who tried to follow NHS guidelines without the framework of a club. The thinking behind this is that people need focused help in breaking life long habits and forming new ones, and further support in maintaining weight loss once it’s been achieved.

  1. Diet Clubs Help You To Meet People

While losing weight is a deeply personal pursuit, it can be encouraging and reassuring to do it within a group of likeminded people with similar goals. No matter how supportive your pals are, only those who have experienced the trials and rewards of dieting can understand what you’re going through.

Diet clubs enable you to meet new friends (online or offline), confide in empathic people and help others with their journeys too. If you’ve been avoiding social gatherings because you’re self conscious about your weight, making friends who have similar fears can give you all the boost of confidence you need to get out of the house. You could even start your own walking group!

  1. Lost The Weight? Diet Clubs Help You To Maintain Your New Body!

You’ve reached your goal weight, so you no longer need a diet club, right? Wrong! According to Gary Foster, Clinical Director of the Weight and Eating Disorders Program at the University of Pennsylvania, almost 65% of dieters end up back at their original pre-diet weight within 3 years of ending a diet. Why? Because they become complacent, lose their motivation and forget to shift their focus to maintaining their slimmer body. But when you’re a member of a diet club that caters for weight maintenance as much as it does weight loss, you can rest assured that you’ll keep your new fit bod for the long haul. Maintenance isn’t difficult, but it does require continued focus on good eating and smart lifestyle choices.

  1. Diet Clubs Look Out For You

There is such a thing as losing weight too quickly or too slowly, and it’s important that you know what normal and abnormal weight loss looks like. If you shift a lot of timber on your own in a short space of time, you might feel pleased with yourself. And rightly so! But the downside is that you could also be putting your health at risk if you’re losing pounds too rapidly. Similarly, dropping next to no weight can be a sign of a medical problem. Diet clubs keep an eye on your progress and ensure that you’re within the dieting ‘safe zones’.

  1. Diet Clubs Do The Hard Work For You

You might be tempted to rely on a notepad, pen and calculator to add up your calories. But this might prove problematic. You could add up incorrectly, misread the calorie figures on your food packets or use an unreliable database when researching the calorie count for certain non-labelled foods. Furthermore, it’s not just about the calories! Feedback about your nutritional intake is essential – and you can’t get that feedback when going it alone. If that weren’t inconvenient enough, you might lose or damage your notebook! So, if you’re dubious about the efficacy of an online diary, bear in mind that you’re more likely to succeed if your stats are accurate and reflective of your energy intake and outtake.

The Hairy Bikers Diet Club offers you all the perks of a professional, scientifically sound diet club without reducing your quality of life. With gorgeous, filling recipes, an interactive calorie counter, food diary, customisable programmes, nutritional analysis and online community, you can make positive changes that improve your health and keep you focused on your long term goals.



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