Because shifting timber is an individual experience, and no two dieting journeys are the same, we reached out to our Hairy Dieter community to discover what their weight loss means to them.

Responses were varied, powerful and in some cases incredibly moving. Physical health benefits were noted by many people, including Hazel, who said I’ve developed arthritic knees, chronic back pain, sleep apnea, mild depression – and although I’ve only lost 1st 3lbs so far (a few more to go yet…) I am finding that my body is already stronger, walking is less painful, and I have started sleeping all night.”

A similar story was shared by Judy, who explained that, as a grandmother, it’s nice to now be able to keep up with her grandchildren!

But physical wellness wasn’t the only weight loss benefit enjoyed by the dieters. Increased confidence and improved mental wellbeing was widely reported. Melanie said, With the excess weight going, the worries and self-loathing are also disappearing and the zest for life returning” and Alison commented on how she now looks to others, saying “I have lost 4 stone. The best thing about it is feeling happier and healthier and watching people do a double take when they haven’t seen me for a while.”

A common benefit shared by male and female dieters alike was the newfound freedom in finally fitting into a smaller clothing size. Marie said, “It’s all about feeling comfortable in your own skin and being able to wear whatever clothes you want to without worrying how you look” where as Cathy commented on how relieving it was to finally fit into the clothes she loves but hasn’t worn for years and couldn’t bear to throw away.

Relationships also seem to be improving, with Ian saying, “Finally my wife can actually get her arms all the way round me again!” and Ashleigh, sharing on behalf of her sister, stating that weight loss has improved an all-round sense of self-esteem and self-love.

Finally, it was impressive and inspiring to see dieters challenging themselves to take on new adventures. In fact, Nykie lost a whopping 12 stone so that she could meeting the weight criteria to go skydiving! She was kind enough to share a picture, which serves as a great reminder of how far she’s come.

Have you got a weight loss story you’d like to share? Post your comments and pictures into our Hairy Dieters Facebook group! If you need a little help meeting your next goal, sign up to The Hairy Bikers Diet Club and receive expert, customised support.

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