Whether it’s how much weight to lose, an exercise plan you want to stick to, or something you want to achieve at work, it’s good to have goals. Setting goals will help you plan your future and motivate you in your healthy aspirations.

But the sad truth is this:

  • 25% of people abandon their New Year’s resolutions after one week.
  • 60% of people abandon them within six months.

Don’t become one of these statistics.

Follow our tips to goal setting to make sure you see it through and make them a reality.


Decide what you want to achieve and then take the smaller steps that will get you there. Being healthy is a big, lifelong goal, so learn how to constantly set smaller goals to keep you going is key.

Your goal has to be something that you will actually be able to achieve.

For example, if you’ve never run a half marathon, a goal to run one after completing a focused, six-month training program is achievable. A goal to complete one at the end of the month, if you have done little exercise before, is not.


Aim for specific goals with dates and amounts so you can properly measure your achievement.

Don’t just say ‘I want to lose weight’. Have a weight loss in your head, such as 2st, and an actual date by which you want to achieve this goal.

Your big goal might be to get fitter, but broken down your small goal might be to do at least four fitness classes a week.


With your goals clear in your mind, don’t leave them there. Write them down. On paper. We are taking it back to the old school.

In a Harvard study, only 3% of people wrote down their goals, while 13% had goals but they weren’t written down and 84% didn’t have any goals at all. When they revisited the participants 10 years later, that same 13% with goals were earning double than the 84% without goals, while the 3% who had written down their goals on paper, were earning 10 times the amount of the other 97% put together.

Lesson in short: put pen to paper and write down your goals!


When you hit a wall, nothing helps more than sharing your experience with your fellow Hairy Bikers’ Diet Clubbers who are going through the same thing.

Jump onto our forums and vent away, then they will hit you back with some inspiration and motivation and you can do the same for them when they have a bad day.


There are some great books out there to help you set goals and live your best year yet. Aptly their names are just that:

  • Goals, by Brian Tracy
  • Your Best Year Yet, by JInny Ditzler


If this has inspired you to shed some timber then why not head over to our Weight Loss Calculator. Step on those scales and then pop your details into our Weight Loss Calculator. We’ll let you know how we can help.

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