We’ve been working on something special here at Hairy Bikers Diet Club. It’s super-timely, one of the best things we’ve ever done and we reckon it’s going to cause quite a storm.

If you join you will, lose inches right places, be in the best mood ever, have more energy than you thought possible and feel great as you shed that timber.

It’s a 3 month program that’s going to get you in the best shape, the best mood and really ‘jump started’ your weight loss and because we know everybody needs a little help along the way we are also including:

• Access to all the tools in the club
• 1:1 coaching with one of our trained nutritionists to get you started and to keep you on track
• Support calls from our Hairy Dieters team – all designed to keep you focused and motivated
• A signed welcome card from us both!
• Your own VIP support email – so you can get in touch with us at any time

This is our most comprehensive package – EVER!

It’s based on our own experience and the feedback from many of our happy members.

Remember, we will be there to help and guide you all the way, making sure that the personalised nutrition plan combines with your weekly weigh-ins, motivational calls , food diary and our gorgeous recipes to deliver the results that you deserve.

All for just 3 equal payments of £95.99

The 90 day plan certainly gave me a brilliant kick start to my long weight loss journey and I would happily recommend it to anyone and have indeed been extolling its virtues to friends and colleagues who have all noticed a significant difference in my ever decreasing outline! I was particularly pleased as I managed to go on holiday for just under two weeks and for the first time ever only increased my weight by .5 of a pound!

Bridget Bevis

Sign Up For The 90 Day Timber Shed Intensive Today

If it’s time for you to shed some timber using all our great tools, recipes, planners and tracker but with a helping hand then this is the best investment that you can make!

Sign up today and shed that timber!

I’m very proud to have lost 27 pounds on the 90 Day Timber Shed Intensive Plan. The menus are fantastic for learning to plan and prepare tasty, healthy food that is satisfying. My family eats the same dinner meals and like the recipes as much as I do. The regular calls with a dietician and plan representative are a lifeline for questions, and gave me support and encouragement to keep focused.  The plan was a great start to my decision to feel good and live a healthier life.

Judy Bishop

Just completed the 90 day shed, lost a total of 18llbs.

I started my journey on the 19th December, prior to the Christmas celebrations. My thoughts with this were I could keep a track over the Christmas period and not gain a further ½ stone which I could have easily done.

I have kept a track on the diary daily and also used the exercise plans. I mostly managed to keep to 1200 calories, however I didn’t really use the menu plans, but did the odd recipe.

I was very appreciative of all the support I got from the Hairy Bikers team ringing on a regular basis.

I still would like to lose a little further weight, and have signed up for the 6 month plan which gives access to the website and diary facilities.

Jill Tyerman

I would recommend the 90 day plan, it is a quick way to get back on track and with the added help from both Francesca and Mark the nutritionist its really easy. You never feel alone and at the touch of a button you can get help and assistance. The plan is easy to follow and the food is tasty, filling and enjoyable to prepare and eat, either on your own or with family and friends. Dieting on your own is no fun but with the hairy Diet Club you are never alone. Give it a try and see the results.

Sheena Junor

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