Winter is most definitely here, and with it the busy social season. Both can play havoc with our skin, and with your sunkissed glow now gone, most of us feel lacklustre.

But don’t fret, because there is a way to stay looking radiant throughout these cold, dark months until Spring reappears. Follow our nine top tips to more youthful, radiant skin.


Exfoliating helps to smooth and refine your skin, but don’t overdo it. Generally, you should exfoliate the face only twice a week, but less often if it is particularly sensitive or more if you have an oily complexion.

You can exfoliate the rest of your body more frequently, two to three times a week is plenty. A sugar body scrub is great, or combine it with a loofah.


You skincare routine doesn’t have to be complicated: cleanse, tone, moisturise, morning and night. Simple. Just make sure the products you choose are chemical free and suited to your skin.

Check the moisturiser you use in the morning is combined with sunscreen to protect your face, even in the winter months.


If you’re looking for a touch of colour, get it the healthy way. Avoid the sun and solariums whch can cause serious skin damage and even cancer. Instead use a gradual self-tanning moisturiser after cleansing every morning. This way the colour builds slowly for a natural look that gives you a soft glow no matter the time of year and helps to even out skin tone.


In your natural detox process, your skin is the largest organ used for elimination, and drinking plenty of water is your easiest and best tool for helping to flush out waste that can cause all sorts of skin problems.

We lose two litres of water a day, through urine, perspiration, breath and defecation, so drinking that much a day will make you look and feel better.

If water is getting boring, try adding lemon slices or mint (to hot or cold water), or switch to herbal teas. Add a festive winter twist with slices of ginger and cinnamon sticks.


Water might help to flush out toxins, but it’s a much easier task if you cut down on them entering your body in the first place. In a nutshell, the fewer toxins you have to get rid of, the better for your skin.

Stick to natural, wholesome foods and avoid overly processed and sugary products.


Scientists at the University of St Andrews in Scotland have found that eating plenty of fruit and vegetables is the best way to get a healthy, golden glow. And it also makes you more attractive to the opposite sex. The team discovered people who ate more fruit and vegetables had a more golden skin colour.

They then measured the way light is absorbed by the skin, finding that those with a healthy glow had a higher presence of carotenoids (yellow and red antioxidants) commonly found in fruit and vegetables. They found participants were more attracted to skin enhanced by carotenoids than a tan.


High stress levels can send your hormones into overdrive, wreaking havoc on your skin. No matter how busy life gets, find a way to relax, for your skin’s sake.

Try yoga or meditation, play a game of golf, get a massage, even just turn all the lights off in your bedroom and light a scented candle. Whatever works for you.


We already know how good omega-3 fatty acids are for our insides, but you may not have realised they also help to reduce inflammation and breakouts on your skin. Some of the best sources to include in your diet are oily fish such as salmon and mackerel, walnuts, chia seeds and flaxseeds.


Is there anything exercise isn’t good for? Sweating is the process skin uses to rid the body of toxins. A good workout speeds up this process so you can rid your body of pore-clogging waste faster. It also gets your blood pumping so that oxygen and a range of other nutrients can be carried to your skin more quickly. The improved blood flow, combined with an increased production of natural oils, keep your skin looking supple and healthy.

Plus exercise is a fantastic stress reliever. After at least 10 minutes of exercise, the brain releases feel-good chemicals called serotonin and dopamine, which can help to reduce anxiety and depression while boosting wellbeing.

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