Christmas is just 5 weeks away. And that means the Christmas party season is about to start. While that means a chance to party – and who doesn’t love a party? It can also deal a blow to your waistline. So here our tips to have fun AND shed that timber.

Eat – Christmas parties mean party food. And whether it a tasty buffet or a tempting sit-down meal, this is where planning ahead can really help.
• Don’t turn up hungry. You’ll eat too much and too fast.
• Nibbles are there to be enjoyed but you don’t need to hoover up the whole bowl
• Starters or dessert – a smart strategy is to opt for one of the other but not both
• Buffets – fill your plat with colourful foods such as salads first then add the higher calorie options in smaller quantise. Once you’ve served yourself – move away! That will help you avoid mindless munching.

Drink – We don’t want to stop you enjoying a little Christmas spirit or wine come to that but alcohol and man soft drinks are ‘empty’ calories. In other words they don’t have nutritional benefit. So make you drink choices wisely.
• In recent years not only have the size of glasses of wine increased so has the strength. So the figure of 100 calories for a glass of wine no longer holds. A standard glass of dry white wine 165 Calories and a standard glass of red wine 175 Calories
• Alternate your alcoholic drink with a non-alcoholic option, ideally water. This will half your alcohol consumption and keep you hydrated. A win win!
• If you have several parties to attend volunteer to be the designated driver for a couple.

Be Merry – Don’t forget your dancing shoes. A boogie on the dance floor with move you away from the temptation of food or drink and help burn calories.
If you are hosting the event send leftovers home with friends and family to avoid the need to clear up all the leftovers yourself.

So Christmas doesn’t need to be an excuse to put on weight. Enjoy!


If this has inspired you to shed some timber then why not head over to our Weight Loss Calculator. Step on those scales and then pop your details into our Weight Loss Calculator. We’ll let you know how we can help. 

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