Don’t fancy hitting the gym?
Here’s 11 ways to get a sweat on without having to step foot in one!

1) Get walking: It’s so simple but so effective. Take the stairs not the lift; get off the bus a couple stops early or make yourself popular by doing the office tea run. OR why not give this Prancerise a go with a mate, you’ll definitely give your stomach muscles a good toning laughing.

2) Count your steps: Pick up a cheap pedometer and aim for that 10,000 target. You’ll be amazed at how having a visible target acts as a low-cost motivational tool.

3) Take the dog for a walk: They are your own, personal work out machine. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. When Si was recovering from his brain anuerysm, walking Fred was a huge part of helping him get back in shape.

4) Walk while you talk: Get on the phone to an old mate and head out for a stroll. You’ll burn calories and there are the psychological benefits too of talking and opening up, because remember any problem shared is a problem halved.

5) Buy a walking tour book of your city and go out and explore: Learn something new whilst getting fitter. Or why not download a new audiobook and just go for a wander. You’ll be amazed at how quickly and easily hitting the 10,000 steps mark will be when you’re distracted by a great story.

6) Jog on! Go on, go out and pound those pavements. It doesn’t matter how fast you’re going or how stupid you think you look. At the end of the day it’s all about making you feel good in the long run. Burn more calories by waving your arms around madly.

7) Get your groove on: Either by yourself or grab a partner and get dancing. In need of some inspiration? Why not check out some of Si & Dave’s personal playlists on Spotify here. Plus we all know how well it worked for Dave on Strictly. And if you’re wanting to make some new friends join a dance class.

8) Stop letting your kids do the chores: Mow the lawn, wash the car and clean the house. They are all big calorie burners plus you might save a little money in pocket money too. It’s another thing that Si always makes sure to do.

9) Give something back to your community: Every weekend there are plenty of opportunites to volunteer and these can be quite physical. From helping build a local community centre to helping clean up the local park to helping coach a local youth sports team. Give something back and you’ll feel better physically and emotionally. This website is a good place to start looking.

10) Stand up: Instead of slouching at your desk all day. Simply spend 40 minutes of your day (you can break this up into 4, 10 minute bouts) standing, not sitting, at your desk to burn off an extra 100 calories at the office. You know it makes sense and who knows, maybe you’ll start an office revolution!

11) Get a grip(per): Buy a hand gripper for your desk, and use it whenever you’re reading. It’s a great way to work out your forearms and will help you tighten up any bingo wings.

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